Since the government of Indonesia and WHO announced that the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease, learning activities in schools are also still being suspended until an undetermined time, including the schools under Yayasan Bahtera DwipaAbadi (YBDA).

The schools under Yayasan Bahtera DwipaAbadi continue to strive to keep the learning process running well. Then, online learning is the option that is considered the most likely during the study at home. However, online learning is still not effective enough for some students due to various factors, such as limited internet networks and not all students have personal devices, so that they rely on their parents’ devices that can only be used after their parents return from work.

Regarding some of these obstacles, Sambu and Yayasan Bahtera DwipaAbadi initiated learning materials that can be accessed via TV on a special channel provided. The EduTV program is intended as an alternative media for learning from home. EduTV program will be continued and developed further in the future as a useful educational media and can be accessed on a wider regional scale.

We welcome to receiving educational material support from outside parties, both individuals and institutions who are willing to broadcast their material on the Sambu-YBDA EduTV channel

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Image: Online learning in YBDA school

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Image: EduTV program

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