Yayasan Bahtera Dwipa Abadi (YBDA) supports covid-19 prevention 

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During the covid-19 outbreak, Sambu Group continues to help farmers in Indragiri Hilir 

 Yayasan Bahtera Dwipa Abadi PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok handed over 2,000 masks
PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok handed over 4 units of thermo gun, 6 bottles of hand soap and 30 sheets of identification labels to the Tanah Merah covid team

PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok distributed supporting vitamins for covid-19 prevention to Tanah Merah volunteers 


Sambu Group distributed 7,000 masks in 3 districts 


Sector Police Office of Indragiri Hilir and Sambu Group establish a synergy in distributing basic food to the community 



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