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“Always contribute to society.
If you cannot contribute to society,
do not be a burden to society”
- Tay Juhana -

Talking about public facilities, it is never separated with the community because it is built for the community in order to facilitate and support of community activities. Procurement of public facilities becomes an important thing that must be met, both by the government, the private sector, and the community itself.

Sambu Group through Yayasan Bahtera Dwipa Abadi (YBDA) is committed in improving the quality and provision of infrastructure and public facilities related to the coconut ecosystem so that mobility and community activities can run well and effectively.

The Roles of YBDA for Public Facilities:

- Bridging communication between the communities involved in the coconut ecosystem environment with institutions with the interest in provision of its village infrastructure.

- Facilitating cooperation between stakeholders in the procurement of facilities and infrastructure needs in the neighborhood where coconut farmers live and related communities in the coconut ecosystem environment.

- Analyze the needs of other facilities and infrastructure.


infrastruktur 1

Image: Bridge in Kuala Enok


infrastruktur 2

Image: Pier 22 in Sungai Guntung


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