“Health care is a right, not a privilege”
- Edward Kennedy -


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foto rumah sakitMedical Care “Pratama”, located at Sungai Guntung

Access to medical care and healthcare are necessary since it is affecting global health, economy and living conditions. Sambu Group through Yayasan Bahtera DwipaAbadi (YBDA) is committed to providing medical care to their workers and those who are in rural communities. YBDA builds medical care and healthcare, located at Pulau Burung and Kuala Enok and successfully provide emergency and medical care to those who greatly need it.
YBDA works to ensure health care workers being able to deliver equitable care to surrounding communities, with a mission based on improving the quality of life by saving lives and relieving suffering through proper health advice and medication that are linked to the right clinical services and are supported on their treatment journey.

The Roles of YBDA for Health

*   Develop strategic partnership with other stakeholders working in the same areas which are in line with YBDA's vision and mission.

*   Design public health programs for related communities in the Indonesian coconut ecosystem which are in line with YBDA's vision and mission.

*   Creating a program design for community education in the environment of the Indonesian coconut in the same direction and in line with YBDA's vision and mission.

*   Facilitating the implementation of the program design above.


foto gedungPT RSUP KM 00, located at Pulau Burung

foto klinik pskeHealthcare service at Kuala Enok


foto klinikMedical Care of PT RSUP PKB KM. 09, located at Pulau Burung


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