Farmer Welfare

Agriculture is most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man – George Washington

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of Man”
- George Washington -


Farmers are the main actors in the development of Indonesian agriculture. Farmers have an important role to produce agricultural products, both for food and industrial purposes.

Yayasan Bahtera DwipaAbadi (YBDA) is responsible for receiving input from farmers, carrying out verification of the needs of farmers, in the form of:

Directly related to coconut farming, such as
: improvement of coconut farm embankments, sustainability of coconut farm, and other work needs related to the farmers.

Related to the social life of coconut farmers, including:

- Supporting the needs of coconut farmers in their neighborhood

- Support the school needs of coconut farmer’s children

- Support the social development of women in the coconut neighborhood

- Support the health needs of coconut farmers and their families

The Roles of YBDA for the coconut farmers:
- Facilitating and/or carrying out programs with mission of advancing the welfare and wellbeing of coconut farmers

- Facilitating communication and cooperation among farmers, organizations and agencies that are interrelated in carrying out our work programs

- Connect with coconut farmers to understand and analyze the needs of farmers in the field


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