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In 1967, The Singaporean-born founder, the late Mr Tay Juhana ventured to Indonesia’s Jambi Province and planted his heart and soul to build a foundation that is both innovative and socially inclusive. He later decided to adopt Indonesian citizenship and dedicated the rest of his life to his business and his people. The Founder, for six long decades, Mr Tay cultivated his vision into a reality. His pioneering spirit lead the entire coconut industry to greater heights and developed a system beyond anything anyone has seen before. A new business model was developed from copra trading to copra milling, which was an unprecedented establishment in the area at that time. He revolutionized the whole process, sending ripples of his innovative efforts to various corners of the world.

Above all, he had the noble ambition to provide sustainability to the life and future of society as a whole. His deepest desire was to be a contributing member of his community, one that would help to pave the way for generations.

Mr Tay was attuned to the interconnected nature of business and social dynamics. He envisioned a company that was holistic in all aspects and sought to build a company that would simultaneously benefit farmers, business partners, customers and Mother Nature herself. The vision and strategies that Mr Tay set out for the future has always, even from the company’s foundation, driven it away from mainstream trends and instead into uncharted territories full of opportunities.
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