Coconut Farmer  

YBDA is committed in supporting and improving of farmer’s welfare through a platform created among Sambu Group, YBDA and coconut farmers.



HOME Klinik
YBDA is committed in improving health quality of beneficiaries in the coconut ecosystem in Indonesia in order to increase the life expectancy.


HOME Security
YBDA is supporting the security in the coconut ecosystem through partnership with the related stakeholders in the ecosystem.



YBDA is committed in improving human resource capacity in the coconut ecosystem community in Indonesia, from children to adults.

  Social and Religion  

HOME Social Religion
As its vision and mission, YBDA is supporting religious activities recognized by the Republic of Indonesia in the coconut ecosystem to uphold a humanitarian values for community in general.

  Public Facilities  

YBDA is committed in improving the quality of public facilities and infrastructure in the coconut ecosystem in order to advance mobility of the community and to improve daily welfare.

  Welfare & Wellbeing  

YBDA is committed in improving welfare of the coconut ecosystem community through recreational and sports facility.






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